Welcome to ChartAlert.com, home to ChartAlert®, a Microsoft® Windows® compatible end-of-day technical analysis software, that will complement your requirements related to trading and investments in the Indian stock market and commodities market.

ChartAlert® comes with stock market advisory reports and stock market charts based on daily data from National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), commodities charts based on daily data from Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX).

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You could consider a fully-functional one-time-only  4-wk Evaluation Trial  to test-drive ChartAlert® with all membership privileges intact to help exploit potential trading and investment opportunities on the NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX.

You get unrestricted access on a timely basis to all our stock market research and forecasts, stock charts, commodities charts, and basic and advanced scanners.


The  Stock Market Advisory Module in ChartAlert®  provides stock market research, and trading and investment ideas, in the form of Advisory Reports and Market Reports.

These reports, created by our technical analysis knowledge base, are a representation of the end-of-day data that has been processed for potential profitable opportunities across all time frames, viz. day trading, short-, medium- and long-term investing.

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hover your mouse on the image! 
hover your mouse on the image! 
The  Technical Analysis Charting Module in ChartAlert®  has been designed to display interactive stock charts and commodities charts, and comes with some very powerful technical analysis charting capabilities.

Charts can be easily edited, deleted, zoomed and scrolled, and multiple chart overlays (moving averages, technical indicators, etc.) can be displayed on demand.

You can build a chart for any symbol and in any time frame, and also customize each chart with moving averages, technical analysis indicators, line studies, chart types, and colors.

Chart data coverage is available for NSE cash stocks, NSE stock futures, NSE index options, NSE stock indices, BSE cash stocks, BSE stock indices, MCX commodities, NCDEX commodities, NSE currency derivatives, and select Global symbols.

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The  Technical Analysis Pattern Detection & Scanning Engine in ChartAlert®  can scan for reversal and continuation candlestick patterns, select chart patterns, and for potential bullish or bearish signals based on technical indicators.

ChartAlert® also includes trading systems, a collection of powerful analytical tools that keep you informed about the current technical status of a symbol. These trading systems have been screened and ranked for 50% of NSE's cash stocks.
The output of all the scans are published in an extremely customizable and extensively manipulatable grid format report, and the parameters of these scans can be customized and saved by the end-user.

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ChartAlert® also includes a powerful scripting language that provides straightforward methods to create candlestick-based, chart pattern-based, and technical indicator-based scanning algorithms to scan symbols for bullish or bearish signals.

This advanced scanner comes with an in-built text editor or prompter, which makes it easy to write and/or modify scans, use numerous ANDing/ORing conditions, use unlimited number of filters, combine multiple scans, etc.

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 For Full-time & Part-time Traders 
 DayTrading, ST, MT & LT
 Real-time Snapshot Reports
 at 11AM & 2PM 
 Position & Swing Trading 
 1-Stock Snapshot Report
 Multi-Stock Snapshot Report
 Fundamental Reports (500 Cos) Coming!
 Expected Dly/ Wkly/ Mthly
 Trading Ranges 
 ST & MT Model Portfolio 
 Market Trends & Outlook Report 
 Sectoral Outlook Report 
 Bulk Deals on NSE 
 Institutional Trends
 (FIIs / DIIs/ MFs) 
 Substantial Acquisition
 (SEBI) Report 
 Insider Trading
 (SEBI) Report 
 Buzzing Stocks 
 Delivery Statistics 
 Gainers & Losers 
 Market Breadth 
 Price Data (Cash/F&O) 
 Index Composition Reports 
 Stocks-by-Sector Reports 
 Price Performance Reports 
 Trending Stocks 
 Technical Events 
 Unusual Performers 
 Grouping by Indices/
 Sectors/ etc 
 Fully Customizable Reports 
 Advanced Sorting & Filtering 
 Bar/ Candlestick/ Line Charts 
 Kagi/ Renko/ 3 Line Break Charts 
 Candlevol/ Equivol/ P&F Charts 
 Moving Averages (~9) 
 Technical Indicators (~100) 
 Drawing/ Line Studies incl.
 Trendlines, Fibonacci, Gann,
 Regression, etc 
 Volume/ Deliveries/
 Multiple WatchLists/
 Multiple Chart WorkSpaces 
 Multiple Templates 
 Heikin-Ashi Charts 
 Relative Performance Charts 
 Sync X-axis of Multiple Charts 
 Open Multiple Instances of a
 Chart/ Symbol 
 Monthly Trading Ranges
 (NSE Futures) 
 AutoFibonacci or
 Fibonacci Bands 
 Technical Analysis Mask
 (NSE F&O Stocks) 
 Candlesticks Pattern
 Recognition (Mask) 
 Limited Chart Pattern
 Recognition (Mask) 
 ElliottWave Mask
 (~50 Cash Stocks) 
 Candlesticks Scanner
 Ltd. Chart Pattern Scanner
 Technical Indicators Scanner
 Trading System Chart Overlays 
 (~50% of NSE Cash Universe) 
 Trading Systems Scanner 
 (~50% of NSE Cash Universe) 
 Detailed Statistics of
 Trading Systems 
 AutoScroll Groups of Charts 
 Training Mode (Mkt Simulation) 
 50+ Rev Candlestick Patterns 
 15+ Cont Candlestick Patterns 
 Menu-driven Indicator Scans 
 Short- & Medium-term
 Trading System Scans 
 Text-based Scripting Language
 Logical & Math Opearators 
 Price/ Volume Functions 
 Calculation Functions 
 Hard-core Math Functions 
 Moving Average Functions 
 Market Indicator Functions 
 Technical Indicator Functions 
 Candlestick Pattern Functions 
 Limited Chart Pattern Functions 
 Misc Pattern Functions 
 Factory Scans/ Examples 
 Common Column Builder
 for Reporting 
 Create/ Write New Scans 
 Copy/ Edit/ Modify/ Save
 Factory Scans 
 ANDing/ ORing Conditions 
 Unlimited Number of Filters 
 Combine Multiple TA Scans 
 Scan for Divergences Coming!
 Scan Heikin-Ashi Charts 
 Scan Point & Figure Charts 
 Scan Kagi, Renko,
 3 Line Break Charts 
 Scan Fundamentals Data Coming!
 Combine Technical &
 Fundamental Scans 
 CASL-based Indicator Builder Coming!
 CASL-based Trading Systems
 NSE (EoD) Cash Market 
 NSE (EoD) Futures 
 NSE (EoD) Options 
 NSE (EoD) Currency Derivatives 
 BSE (EoD) Cash Market 
 BSE (EoD) Futures Coming!
 MCX (EoD) Commodities 
 NCDEX (EoD) Commodities 
 NSE (Intra-EoD) Cash Market 
 (covering ~500 Cash Stocks) 
 Select Global Equity Indices (EoD) 
 Select Global Commodity Futures (EoD) 
 Select Global Currencies (EoD)
 Baltic Freight Index (EoD) 
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ChartAlert® is compatible with AMD- & Intel-based computers, and with 32- & 64-bit Windows® operating systems such as Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 and Windows® 8.

ChartAlert® is also compatible with Intel-based Apple computers, so long as the Windows® operating system is running via BootCamp.

Although ChartAlert® is compatible with Apple computers running Windows® operating system via Parallels Desktop, or VirtualBox, or any other similar virtual machine softwares, we're currently unable to offer technological assistance in installing ChartAlert® on these computers.

Take a look at select  flash-based demos  before considering a 4wkET or a regular subscription plan.

Essential Demos:
Buy-Now-and-Post-Payment-Process, How-to-download-and-install, How-to-activate, WebUpdate, ManualUpdate

New Demos: (Added on FRI 15-May-2015)
Charting >> Open Multiple Instances of a Chart/ Symbol

Recent Demos:
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Gann Toolbar, Miscellaneous Toolbar Part1 and Part2, Price-Time Studies Toolbar, Regression Toolbar,
Text Toolbar, Training Toolbar, View Toolbar Part1 and Part2, Chart Types, Moving Averages, Price Overlays,
Technical Indicators, Data Window, Advanced Scanner Part1, Advanced Scanner Part2, Advanced Scanner Part3,
Synchronize Charts for Srolling,
Basic Scanner >>  Run Default Factory Scans, Create/ Edit/ Run/ Delete a Custom Scan,
Add (Remove) a Factory Scan or Custom Scan to (from) MyFavourite Scans, Create/ Run/ Modify/ Delete a Screener,
Enable Filters and Create a Custom Filter, Run Options; Applying to a Custom Group, Exploit the Screener Grid Report,
Trading System Scans; Charting >> How to Import a Watchlist

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TA Mask, Candlesticks, ElliottWave Advisory, Trading Systems, Templates, Advisory Reports, Market Reports,
Data Testing Maintenance, Navigation Panels, Menubar, Toolbars, X and Y Axis Scaling, TA Tools Moving Averages,
MyBlog Feature, MyFavourites WatchLists, MA Confluence and MA Ribbon, ZigZag Studies, Darvas Box

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