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Chart and Scan1 MetaStock2 format real-time or intraday data streaming during market trading hours in MetaRefresher2 mode from 3rd party data vendors
1Advanced Scanner can be used to manually scan 3rd party real-time data     2Need not be installed on your computer     Learn More

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    ChartAlert® 21.4.1
    THU 1-Apr-2021
    All-in-one Desktop Software
    LITE/RTE Edition Available
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      End-of-Day Data 
       Reads 3rd Party Real-Time Data  /  MetaStock® format  /  MetaRefresher® mode 
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      Detailed Documentation 
      Fully Customizable 
      Multi-threaded and Fast 
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  • ChartAlert® 21.4.1
    THU 1-Apr-2021
     For Investors and Traders 
    All-in-one Desktop Software
    LITE/RTE Edition Available

ChartAlert®  —  The ideal Real-Time and End-of-Day software for Charting and Scanning NSE/BSE stocks and equity indices, NSE futures and index options, NSE currency derivatives and MCX/NCDEX commodities  —  It also includes Advisories for the Indian stock market

Technical Analysis












 Chart Types —  Bar / Line / Candlesticks / Heikin-Ashi / Kagi / Renko / Three Line Break / P&F / CandleVolume / etc
 Relative Strength Charts —  Symbol vs Symbol/Sector/Index, Sector vs Sector/Index, Index/Index, etc
 Moving Averages —  Simple / Exponential / Weighted / Wilder / Zero Lag / more
 Technical Indicators —  120+ Indicators
 Drawing —  Trendlines / Channels / Fibonacci / Gann / Regression / more
 Customize, zoom and scroll interactive Charts in any time frame — Intraday, D, W, M, Q, Y, Multi-day

 Chart Patterns Mask —
 — Double Tops / Double Bottoms / Triple Tops / Triple Bottoms / Head & Shoulder / Flags / Pennants / Rectangles
 — Ascending Descending & Symmetrical Triangles / Broadening Formations / Cup & Handle / Wedges or Diagonals
 Harmonic Patterns Mask —  5-0 / ABCD / Bat / Alt Bat / Butterfly / Crab / Deep Crab / Gartley / Shark / Three Drives
 Point & Figure Patterns Mask —
 — Double Tops & Bottoms / Triple Tops & Bottoms / Spread Double Tops & Bottoms / Spread Triple Tops & Bottoms
 — Catapults / Triangles / Broadening Patterns / Ascending Triple Tops / Descending Triple Bottoms
 — Bullish Signals Reversed / Bearish Signals Reversed / Bull Traps / Bear Traps / Multi-Column Patterns
 — High Poles / Low Poles / Long Tail Up Reversals / Long Tail Down Reversals / Bullish and Bearish Vertical Counts
 Renko Patterns Mask —  New
 — Renko Double Top, Renko Double Bottom, Renko Triple Top, Renko Triple Bottom, Renko Ascending Triangle
 — Renko Descending Triangle, Renko Head & Shoulder, Renko Inverse Head & Shoulder, Renko Support
 — Renko Resistance, Renko Resistance-turned-to-Suppport, Renko Support-turned-to-Resistance
 Candlestick Patterns Mask —  Identify and view 65+ Reversal and Continuation patterns
 Trading Systems Mask —  Automated Buy / Sell signals on the Chart; Includes Detailed Performace Metrics
 Chartist@Work Mask —  Key Price Channels / Supports / Resistances BETA

 Monthly Trading Ranges —  Plot crucial Supports / Resistances / Channel for the near-month F&O trading period
 Gann HiLo Activator / Gann Swing / Gann-based Price Levels / Stop Loss Indicators
 WatchLists / WorkSpaces / Templates / AutoScroll Charts / Training Mode (simulates market conditions)

 ElliottWave Mask — Upto 50 Companies Coming Later

 For more information, please go to Features and Editions

Basic Scanner


Advanced Scanner






 A menu-driven and a text-based pattern detection and scanning engine that uses ChartAlert® Scripting Language
 A Text Editor/Prompter to write algorithms, filters, multiple ANDing/ORing conditions in plain/simple English
 Tons of Factory Scans to copy, edit, modify, customize, save and re-use
 Combine multiple scans into a single screener or Sequencer to look for Bullish and Bearish signals

 Trading Systems Builder / Backtester for Algorithms, Quants, Trading Strategies —
 — Write and backtest custom Trading Systems / Algos / Quants to generate Buy / Sell signals
 — Summary report and detailed statistics of each and every simulated trade

 Scan for Chart & Harmonic Patterns (see list above), and Point & Figure Patterns (see list above)
 Scan for Renko Patterns (see list aboveNew
 Scan for P&F Relative Strength Matrix —  "Arm-wrestling" between Symbols, Sectors and Indices
 Scan for P&F Trend Matrix —  Multiple iterations of P&F Parameters to evaluate strength of a trend
 Scan for 65+ Reversal & Continuation Candlestick Patterns
 Scan symbols based on 9 Moving Averages and 120+ Technical Indicator algorithms
 Scan for bullish and bearish divergences between price and oscillators —
 — CCI / EWO / MACD / MFI / OBV / RSI / Stochastics / W%R / any other custom oscillator
 Scan noiseless charts — Heikin-Ashi / Point & Figure / Kagi / Renko / Three Line Break

 Scan Financials — CAGR / OPM / GPM / NPM / Ratios / EPS / BV / NW / Debt Servicing / and more Coming Later
 Combine scans based on Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis parameters Coming Later
 Set Alerts using CASL / Write custom Technical Indicators using CASL Coming Later

 For more information, please go to Features and Editions

Stock Market Advisories

Information & Prospecting Reports

 Stock Market Advisories include moderated Buy and Sell signals with Trailing Stop Losses
 Positional and Swing Strategies for Short-term, Medium-term and Long-term Trading and Investing
 Real-time Snapshot Reports at 11:15AM and 2:15PM
 Expected Daily, Weekly and Monthly Trading Ranges
 Short-term and Medium-term Model Portfolios — 50 stocks each

 Market Trends / Sectoral Outlook Reports / Buzzing Stocks / Trending Stocks / Unusual Performers
 Bulk Deals (NSE) / Institutional Trends (FIIs/DIIs/MFs) / Substantial Acquisition and Insider Trading Reports
 Gainers and Losers / Market Breadth / Price Data / Delivery Statistics
 Index Composition Reports / Stocks-by-Sector Reports / Group Reports by Indices & Sectors
 Fully Customizable Reports with Advanced Sorting and Filtering

 Fundamental Reports for upto 500 Companies — Phase-1 Coming Later
 Fundamental Forecasts and Valuations for upto 500 Companies — Phase-2 Coming Later
 ElliottWave Advisory for upto 50 Companies Coming Later

 For more information, please go to Features and Editions





3rd Party Real-time






Select Global


 ChartAlert® includes End-of-Day Data at no additional cost

 NSE — End-of-Day — Cash Market / Equity Indices / Futures / Index Options / Currency Derivatives
 BSE — End-of-Day — Cash Market / Equity Indices
 MCX and NCDEX — End-of-Day — Commodities
 Global — End-of-Day — Equity Indices / Commodity Futures / Forex / Baltic Freight Index

 Enabled for 3rd Party Real-Time Data in MetaStock® format / MetaRefresher® mode
 Manually scan 3rd Party Real-Time Data using CASL in the Advanced Scanner

 NSE Cash / NSE F&O / MCX Real-time Data via 3rd Party API-based Plugins Coming
 Alerts / Auto-Scan 3rd Party Real-Time Data  Coming

 A ChartAlert® Subscription does not include Real-Time Data
 MetaStock® / MetaRefresher® need not be installed on your computer to receive 3rd Party Real-Time Data

 For more information, please go to Features and Editions


ChartAlert® is easy to download, install and setup. Once it has been activated, ChartAlert® is easy to understand and use given it's friendly interface.

  Detailed Documentation

ChartAlert® ships with comprehensive Help files that help leverage available features. It also includes detailed documentation on CASL functions.

  Free Upgrades

All software upgrades are absolutely free during a subscription period. This includes access to future releases even during your 4-wk Evaluation Trial.

  Fully Customizable

All ChartAlert® features are fully customizable — It is as simple as a left/right mouse click, and the custom settings can be stored by the software forever.

  Multi-threaded and Fast

ChartAlert® is fully multi-threaded. This renders daily data updation and scanning processes lightning fast. MT will also help RT charting & scanning in the future.

  Friendly Support

Write in if you ever hit a snag. We respond to emails in 24 hours. If your requirement is complex, we strive to seek and respond with a solution in 48 hours.

Computer / System Requirements

Minimum & Recommended Computer Configuration

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 with SP1
  • Recommended OS  —  Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium or Professional with SP1
  • Intel® Core™ i3 2GHz+ CPU
  • Recommended CPU  —  Intel® Core™ i5 Quad-Core 3GHz+
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Recommended RAM  —  8GB
  • 1.25GB of free hard disk space (for stock market advisory archives and technical analysis charting data)
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Recommended Screen Resolution  —  1366 x 768 (or) 1920 x 1080
  • Mouse (or equivalent pointing device)
  • Internet connection for downloading data, upgrading software, etc.

.NET Framework & Windows® Operating System

.NET Framework Ver4.5.1 — essential for ChartAlert® — is supported in the following operating systems only:

  • Windows® 7, Windows® 8.x and Windows® 10

Microsoft® has suspended support to all other operating systems. If your operating system is not in the list above, then .NET Framework Ver4.5.1 — essential for ChartAlert® — will not get installed on your computer.

The .NET Framework comes in-built with Windows® 7, Windows® 8.x and Windows® 10.
Downloading and installing .NET Framework on these computers is not required.

Intel® based Apple® Computers — Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox, etc.

This section is applicable to iMac / Mac Mini / MacBook Air / MacBook Pro / Mac Pro computer users.

ChartAlert® has not been tested on Apple® computers with Windows® running natively on Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox, etc.

If you're an Apple® computer user, then please be informed that ChartAlert® may or may not run on your Apple® computer. We therefore request you not to opt for an Evaluation Trial or a Subscription Plan if you're planning to use ChartAlert® on an Apple® computer. We also regret to inform you that we're presently unable to provide any kind of technological support to help setup ChartAlert® successfully on an Apple® computer running Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox, etc.

Intel® based Apple® Computers — Windows® Operating System via Boot Camp

This section is applicable to iMac / Mac Mini / MacBook Air / MacBook Pro / Mac Pro computer users.

ChartAlert® has been tested successfully on Intel® based Apple® computers with Windows® OS running via Boot Camp.

Please ensure that Windows® and .NET Framework 4.5 have been installed on the Windows® side of your Apple® computer via Boot Camp before you install ChartAlert® along with its Historical DataSets.

We are also happy to inform you that we're presently able to provide technological support to help setup ChartAlert® successfully on an Apple® computer based on an Intel® processor with Windows® Operating System running via Boot Camp.

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